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Here are the services we offer


The laboratory also performs more effective techniques for TB testing such as flourescent Microscopy, Culture and sensitive tests are done through collaboration with the National TB and Leprosy Reference Laboratory Wandegeya -free of charge.

Free HIV testing to clients above 18 months and also free HIV testing to infants from 6 weeks to 18 months under the Early Infant Diagnosis program (EID) at the centre or in the outreaches.

Blood grouping and crossmatch in addition to Haemoglobin screening are also some of the available tests before blood transfusion can be done.
The laboratory has a new blood bank where blood is accessed for free if a blood transfusion is required. This is supplied by the Regional Blood Banks -Kitovu and Masaka.
A constant power supply which includes a solar system, inverter and generator in addition to Hydro-power.

Other tests include;

Toxoplasma titres, widal test, Brucella Agglutination tests, Stool analysis, VDRL, RPR and TPHA, Pregnancy tests, Helicobacter pyroli test, Hepatitis b surface Antigen (Hbsag) tests, PSA for prostate cancer screaning at early stage.

Immuno compromised patients with HIV CD4 is done after testing positive and viral load after six months on ART iniation and annually if not detected and if detectable IAC is done and a repeat viral load is done after four months or when client proves good adeherence. all clients with cd4 below 100c/ul are screened for cryptococcal meningitis and other OI infections. CBC, LFTs, RFTs and Lipid profiles are other commonly done investigations.

Hiv proficiency testing and Cd4 Ukneqas proficiency testing are done to ensure quality results as results are reviewed and corrective action done in case of discripancies. In addition to FM also ZN is done as a back up for Fm. Good Clinical laboratory practice is done and the laboratory is enrolled for SLUMTA and is assesed every six months.


The Out Patients Department(OPD) deals with general patient care. The OPD attends to about 60 patients per day.These are treated depending on the assessment by Doctor/clinician, they may go home, be referred or be admitted.
The OPD works 12 hours a day with the main opening being from 8:00am to 7:00pm.There are 5 medical staff in OPD and 7 in the laboratory.4 Medical Officers, 2clinical officers, 5 Nurses and 3specialists assist in OPD on Tuesday and Wednesday every week. Dental clinic also fully operate Monday to Friday.

OPD specialists  clinics

Other services
HCT daily
TB management but intergrated with ART clinic


In the pharmacy we have at least all indispensible medications required to meet the clients’ health needs. And we have different cadres working in the pharmacy, having the necessary qualifications to satisfy the patients.

Pharmaceutical supplies;
We have a variety of pharmaceutical supplies which include; detergents, sundries, and Drugs among others. They are mainly sourced from Joint Medical Stores our main supplier. Sometimes we purchase some of them from local suppliers when we have limited funds to go for a big purchase from JMS. We do not always have enough supplies because of inadequate funds, hence, we run out of stock of some supplies especially those frequently used; but this does not last long before we procure from local suppliers. They are stored and controlled in the main drug store from where they are retrieved and issued to user departments on verified requisition forms.

Availability of supplies;
The hospital tries to make sure that all the indispensable supplies are available all the time. Only those we can do without them are sometimes foregone because we cannot buy all the necessary items required in the hospital due to inadequate funds.

In-Patient Services

The in patients section is categorized in wards namely Male ward, Children's ward, Maternity ward, Women ward, Palliative Care and theatre.

Children's Ward

Pediatric ward s quite a big ward, it has about 40 beds for inpatients, this is also includes a separate room for very ill patients who are kept on close observation. It also has a separate room for patients with burns. During a peak season for malaria the ward is filled with more than two times the usual capacity.

The ward usually admits children with various conditions like malaria, pneumonia, Acute GE and a wide range of other conditions including surgical conditions. It has a ward doctor and ward rounds are done three times a week and every day the doctor visits the ward to review sick patients and admissions.

The ward is also responsible of reviewing patient’s nutrition by taking MUAC on each patient above 6 months and educating mothers on how to feed their children and also RUTF is given to these babies with malnutrition. Children also benefit from laboratory investigation, X-rays and Ultra scan and also have a flat rate regardless of which condition the patient has.
There is a public healthy focus on immunization that children who are not immunized do not leave the hospital without being immunized and also routine counseling and testing is done on mothers and their children.
Also to these conditions which cannot be managed a referral system to Masaka regional referral hospital.


Imaging has done some good work in patient management and treatment. Thus on that note at Villa Maria hospital conventional x-ray and ultrasound imaging services are provided.
For x-imaging the following examinations are done.
Chest x-rays, SXR (skull x-rays), plain abdominal x-ray, upper and lower extermities.


Natural family planning.
Cervical Cancer screening.
Prostate Cancer screening.
Peadiatric OPD clinic.
Diabetic and hypertension clinic.
Gynaecological OPD clinic.
24 hour Ambulance Services.
Clinic pastoral Care.
Palliative Care Services